Into the West

The Lords of New Found Shire (NFS)have discovered that the tyrant Lord Drevel want their kingdom, he plots in his castle to the west bearing his name, Drevel, wherein he has eyed the New free Kingdom of NFS longingly. Baron Drevel’s first attack was rebuffed and now the stalwart lords of NFS leave the warmth of home and hearth, castle, and temple to push into the wilds of the Slog Swamps and secure their eastern borders….

New companions have joined the lords on the track into the wilds, the Lady Jessica, a devine touched woman of the seas from the lands of Mwangi. the talented brewer, and alchemist Grub has found a new place away from towns and horse by following the lords into the wild…

Will the rumor of giant, demons or the sudden appearance of the twisted Fey’s turn the Lord back or will the bitter bite of the fast approaching winter provide them with a ice covered graves….



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