August 24, 2013

After much preparation, the small army of adventurers (about 12) headed out to explore Candlemere. They trudged through the snow and ice, protected by their boots of the winterlands. As they approached Candlemere, they discovered the surroundings were warmer, just like in the great swamp. Dravik broke out the folding boat, and the party rowed the rest of the way to the shore. Candlemere stood out as a tall, almost translucent tower surrounded by a curtain wall.

The party reached the outer gate. Anton attempted to lift the portcullis, and was greeted with a trap that wholloped him and Princess. Craig disabled the trap and searched the immediate interior. Inside the outer wall, but outside the tower, were ruined stone buildings and a courtyard filled with overgrown grass and weeds. The party tried to identify any harmful plant life, but did not detect any. Craig ventured inside whilst checking for any more traps. Suddenly, he and the rest of the party were barraged with poisonous needle attacks from several Quicklings. Craig went invisible, Anton delayed, and Annie’s magic spell gave Tibberz blindsense and flying. Tibberz sensed two creatures, pointed them out, and attacked one. Dravik moved forward and purged invisibility in the immediate area. This disclosed a third Quickling, which Anton charged and wounded grievously. The Quickling commander ordered a retreat. One was too slow, and Anton killed it. For the next minute, the party searched for the Quicklings, but they had escaped through holes in the walls and were long gone.

The party decided to explore one of the buildings, but Tibberz entered and was killed by an exploding acid trap. Shortly thereafter, a creature appearing as a beautify fey female approached the party asking for a truce and apologizing for the Quicklings’ attack. She stated that the tower was hers, and asked the party to leave. The party agreed in exchange for three questions, which they would submit at a later date. Glumly, the party headed back to town.

The party next decided to explore a bit to the north. They found nothing during the day, but that night they discovered a Knuckleleaf and dispatched it. It appeared to have been one they had killed earlier due to certain lance wounds in its side. Thus,the party hacked it up and burned it to make any further revival efforts more difficult. The next day, Dravik tracked down the creature’s lair. It was behind a waterfall. But the area also showed signs of dragon. Craig and Grub dove into the water to see what they could find out. Craig returned when he realized he could not see. Grub, however, climbed out into the hidden cave behind the waterfall and began to look around. Unfortunately, an invisible dragon found him. Mercifully, it told him to leave, and he did. However, the party did not leave when learning about the dragon, and the dragon ambushed them. Wielding a powerful fear magic, the dragon caused half the party to flee in terror. Anton charged the dragon and dealt one mighty blow, but the dragon out flew him thereafter. Canicus blasted it with several spells, and Annie teleported back to town to avoid the fearsome beast. The dragon, realizing the fight was lost, teleported itself away (or turned invisible and fled). In either case, the fight was done, and the party looted the hoard, which was unfortunately loaded with copper and a few magic items.

The party returned home and decided to spend some downtime honing their skills.



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