weapon (melee)

“Enemy Of All Enemies”


Created by Gormum for his favored hero Armag, but who is Armag you say…..In the earliest days of the Tiger Lords’ history, the original Armag led his people out of the Realm of the Mammoth Lords and into southeast Numeria. They clashed repeatedly with other barbarian tribes, eventually pushing through the Rostland plains to clash against the Iobarian warlords and centaur tribes of Casmaron. These conf licts hardened Armag, forging him into a timeless champion who earned the direct favor of Gorum, the Iron Lord and God of War. Pride was Armag’s weakness. He boasted he would live forever—that death herself could never slay him. Pharasma heard his boasts and was offended. She sent several of her powerful minions, aeons of the Boneyard, to aid Armag’s enemies or to lay him low on his greatest battlefield. This angered Gorum, who had come to enjoy Armag’s audacity and brutal nature, and as Armag fought against his enemies on the Material Plane, Pharasma and Gorum engaged in a battle of wits in the Great Beyond over the ultimate fate of Armag’s soul.

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