Dwarven Life Bomb

Potent alcoholic beverage


This is derived from the real world Boilmaker Type drink.

Take a mug of Ale (preferably CHerry Blossom Ale) and a shot of Dwarven Whiskey( Broken Mug)

Drop the Shot into the Ale and chug. HUZZAH!

This potent drink has been known to give you hallucinations of Dwarves falling from the sky and slapping you. It also causes ugly lass’ to become gorgeous.
It also causes severe bravado in the face of certain death or ass whooping.

This drink was created by Dravik and inspired by Cadeyn. This is to forever record the action of a certain dwarf as witnessed by his God during the first stages of the Battle of the Mound in the River Kingdom region NorthWest of Fort Numinasti(Drevel).

Only under the influence of this drink are most dwarves known to ‘fly’.


Dwarven Life Bomb

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