September 7th

On a heavy brow


As winters grip clenched over the north, the lords of New Found Shire settled in for a long winter. The search for the lost refugees was fruitful and many innocents lives were saved, but the threat of evil Fey’s became more prevalent, an organized party of Nuckelavee’s has awakened the lord to a possible new plight, but the white storms have come to the north lands, and the harsh bite of the cold made hearth, and home more appealing, so nicely stored was the traveling cloak, and the back packs was emptied and both where set nicely in the long hall to await the spring thaw.

The Refuges from Pitax are welcome to the kingdom of Newfound Shire, some settled in, and others headed north with the Dwarven Lord Dravic, Champion of faith, and high Priest. Dravic asked of them to contribute to the kingdom; the call of stone and mine did sing to him, the lust to build was on him and through the winter snow the Stone lord did lead his people into the north to a remote site, here the people would found the city of Stoneheart.

In Stoneheart the refugees did forge their new beginning, by might of skill, divine power, and arcane arts the town of Stoneheart rose from the tundra, to a bustling city, commerce began as the months turned the town added its wealth to the host of the kingdom.

Back in New Found Shire, the lords searched of skilled trainers and eldritch master crafters, having met the hosts of another world on the battlefield the lord found wise council and prepared themselves, their gear, and gaged the weight of the challenge as it gravity slowly sunk in. long nights did the candle burn as sword, and muscle did clash to retrain the lords.

Left to her own devices the Lady Jessica, grand councilor found herself wondering, with all the lord lost in training or their own devices, she sat solemn in the ruler chamber, the empty silence matched only by her clouded sight, she thought of hearth and home, of family and fiend, but the nightmare of fiends who would take daughters from fathers and swear loyalty to hordes of barbarians pulled at her. Reaching out to her contacts aboard she sought answers, answers that would protect the Kingdom she called home.

Lady Jessica mind swelled with questions, as she walked the darkened city streets, her royal guard close-at-hand; quickly she navigated the gates to the Arcane Academy. Lady Jessica’s mind was focused on seeking answers, to questions like what were the forces the tyrant lord of Drelev was using, did he have giants and if so how many, and is there a powerful bard serving the tyrant lord, and is this tyrant’s lover or his own wife the baroness a lost family member?

The lady knew of only one being she could call on to perform this task, as she navigates the lower passages the hall turned dank, the pristine surface of granite turned to a scorched hall, as if great fires had ravaged this are, as the lady approached she could see the rusted iron door, scratched on its surface was only one word “Danger”…as she open the door to a dark room, the potent smell of ammonia flooded the hall, as her watering eyes cleared lightly she could see the pointed ears and red hair of her friend slowly turned, in the din light from the hall his face became visible in the dark room. The figures turned it head revealing red eyes and devilish pointed tooth gobbling smile came into view, on his shoulder perched a white raven, vial in hand he turned to greet her… “Ladz” he spoke with an open mouth smile…….

Thunderous sounds filled the air, as the ground shook. The abandoned warehouse creaked in response as snow fell through the seams in the roof and walls, these same gaps allowed small beams of light to enter the darkened warehouse area. With a sound of an explosion the top of the old building caved in planks flew everywhere: before the rubble could hit the floor a robed figure, its gray beard poking out from the black cowl dived out from the shadows, nearly being hit by the falling debris. With a loud Thwack, the roof yielded to a powerful blow caving into the room. “War R Z’ittle man” roared from outside the building, drowning out all other sounds, and making the old warrior ears ring from intensity.

With a loud crack a 10 foot long tree trunk carved into the shape of a club crashed through the building and smashed the floor. The Robe figure rolled again and from under his robe he drew a longbow, with several arrows notched… but before the aged warrior could loosen the arrow as melodious sound pierced the turbulence of the fight, from the intense action only calm could be found, both combatants stood still all anger fled the warrior arms as he and the giant stood in awe of the beautiful humans voice. Slowly darkness overwhelmed the warrior as consciousness left him and the peace of the dark consumed him, all he heard was a lady’s harmonic voice saying “There you are little spy”.

As the aged warrior awoke he could feel the sting of the hot iron on his feet and wrist, the clasp were still red from the smith’s work, he adjusted his hands to ease the pain…”swack!, the whip rang out as it cracked on his back; “Get up dam you, get up and work you lazy dog” spoke the jailer as he forced the chained man to his feet….

_The white Raven flew above the snow, the clouds made it vanish from time to time, as it lowered it could see New Found shire. The large white raven flew over the town, past the grand castle on the hill , past small warehouses connected to large buildings, past a majestic tavern, and then homed in on three glowing towers. The white raven climb to avoid the arcane and eldritch engulfed attachments of the three towers, and it flew to the base of the smallest tower, the one place it had learned to call home. the white raven found the small dark green glowing room that housed its nest and landed. The white raven could see its master laboring, as the white bird fluttered it could see it green skin hand of its master grasp a vial then a glass bowl as his master sloshed glowing liquids hither and thither.

“Skawk”! The bird rang out.

The little goblin turned from his table of vials and jars to look at the bird, “Bak are Z, soon, to Soon” with a cat like waddle the goblin crossed the room and with a grin that would give a demon nightmares, it removed the paper from the Raven’s leg. “O NowZ, Must tell LadZ”; with that the goblin left the room.

The night was late as the lords sat in the council hall, deeply gazing at each other, the King and Queen where silent. First to speak was Lady Jessica; “I will leave this day, Gundifson plight is my doing, I will attempt to entreat with the Baron of Drelev and negotiate his freedom”.

You’ll not go alone” rose the deep voice as if rising from a tunnel, this voice belonged to Lord Dravic. Dravic continued; “We should all go, this Tyrant oppresses his people, children starve in the streets, and we can bet he the fellow that sent those assassin to our town, we should just take or man back and liberate this town, to the hell fire with this tyrannical Hertic”.

Lord Anton spoke; “_But they would kill our man if we attack”_ ; the word rang out from the small armored Knight, this warrior stood but 6 hands high but his face showed the intensity of a thousand battles, as he spoke he rubbed the fur of his forty hand long giant wolf sitting next to his throne.

“I will try to buy our man freedom, if I fail I will be inside and possible able to assist”; Lady Jessica continued, I I have not returned to a camp we setup outside of town, then you lord attack the town, together we free the people one way or another” Jessica finished.



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