Aug 11, 2013


Whilst finishing exploring a hex, the party was beset by a trio of unfriendly manticores. After posing as living pincushions for a round, the party dispatched the monsters through their own “pinning” maneuver (Anton, the halfling cavalier) and confusion spells (Anora, the hedge mage “witch”). Having completed exploring that particular territory, the royal party headed back to town.
Two skilled individuals had come to town while the party was out. Grub, a goblin alchimest, and Jessica, a wave oracle. Canicus had hired them to perform some minor tasks. After meeting with these two, the royal party decided to hire them on for the price of some boots of the winterland.
Duchess Annie assigned her royal counselor Anton to oversee building and expenditures for the month. Noting the lack of any god-given special abilities, Anton decided to compensate by commissioning the building of a cathedral to Erastil in Varnhold, amongst other things. The kingdom raised it’s armed forces to 5 medium sized armies to protect against any potential incursions. Duchess Annie also ordered that all royal guards, city guards, and patrols by outfitted with silver weapons, on account that they were prettier than normal steel. Truthfully, the duchess was worried about were-beasts gaining a foothold and wanted to be proactive. Pictures of know members of the hag cult were copied and distributed to the city guards and soldiers, a measure which was soon validated when assassins later failed to assassinate Duke Jared.
The duchess assigned the grand diplomat to oversee preparations for the influx of refugees coming from Fort Drevel. Rangers were sent out to search for refugees and to report back to the royal party. Sanctuary was set as the rendezvous point. The royal party also set out to explore the most probably route that the refugees might have taken.
One night soon after, while the party was sleeping soundly within the protective confines of Anora’s tiny hut spell, Dravik noticed an unnatural fog envelope the area, followed by someone or something riding a horse. The stranger did not bother the hut directly, but began to chop at a tree, hoping to drop it on the hut. Dravik alerted his sleeping comrades, who geared up and ventured outside the hut. The stranger was a deformed, evil fey, which seriously wounded the party with a magical devastation attack and vicious melee attacks. The party managed to bring it down quickly, with Craig making the final killing blow. Not willing to wast time looking for treasure, the party continued its exploration the next day.



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