February 2, 2013 (groundhog day)

Worgs, Dwarven treasure

Following the defeat of the owlbear, the party investigated the rest of the cave complex. They found and defeated giant black widow spiders. Among the remains were miscellaneous items of nonmagical weapons and armor. The party loaded up the booty and giant owlbear carcass and headed back to the capital city of Newfordshire. There was much relief and jubilation in the city, and the founders had the owlbear skinned and made into a monument. The party decided to explore to the northeast of the kingdom and discovered that the countryside’s monstrous denizens are well suited to the terrain and temperature. Taking point, Craig was surprised by a large manticore, which was difficult to spot in the sky. Canicus Aurel cast a Scorching Ray at the monster, but fumbled his spell. The ensuing magical mishap warped the magic in his Boots of the Winterlands. Annie cast Fly on Princess, and Anton, flying on Princess’s back, lanced the monster. It dropped. After the commotion died down, everyone realized that Canicus Aurel had turned into a female. His magical boots still functioned, but now had an unwanted side effect. Luckily, the sex change lasted only as long as the boots were worn; however, many jokes were exchanged at this turn of events. Having seen neither groundhog nor its shadow, the party hoped for warmer weather, but it remained bitterly cold. The next night, Dravik Stoneheart heard voices in the night trying to lure him out to help an old man. Having experienced this on at least two prior occasions, [[:dravik-stoneheart |]] woke the sleeping party just as it was attacked by nine wargs and a winter wolf. The party was nearly overcome, but swiftly turned the tides and eliminated the monsters. a few days later, the party came upon a frozen waterfall cascading down a hillside lined with several unusual bumps covered in snow. The party investigated the first one, which had a crack in it and discovered it was a buried mound that had collapsed. The party was then surprised by three manticores, which proceeded to hail spikes down on the party. Tibbers spotted the manticores and pointed them out with his six arms. Dravik Stoneheart burst to heal the injured. Canicus Aurel fireballed two of the creatures. Annie cast Fly on Princess, so Anton could fly her into battle, and then ducked into the burial mound for cover. Anton, flying on Princess’s back, charged the closest manticore, struck it with his lance, and killed one manticore. Dravik burst again. Annie gave Tibbers a wing’s evolution, and Tibbers flew up to engage the second manticore. Anton flew to the third manticore and killed it, and Tibbers savaged and killed the second manticore. Searching the area where the manticores had been lairing, the party found some coins, dwarven half-plate, a dwarven axe, and a dwarven shield. The party excavated the collapsed burial mound and discovered the skeletal remains of a centaur. This area once was probably a sacred site to the centaurs, but obviously was not currently used as evidenced by the manticores’ presence. Having successfully explored the intended territory, the party returned to the capital. During a festival, the founding lords invited the dwarven leaders from Tazzelfort to a banquet. They asked the dwarven leader to accept a role as the kingdom’s Treasurer, and asked, in the name of unity and cooperation, for the dwarves to fully incorporate Tazzelfort into the kingdom of Newfordshire. The party then presented as a gift the dwarven armament and weapon they had recently found. The dwarf teared up, as these items had been his father’s. The father had been scouting for the dwarves and had not returned. The dwarven leader accepted the party’s requests, and everyone enjoyed the festivities. The founding lords decided to rest in town for a few months and focus on building the kingdom, enchanting items, and building interpersonal relationships.



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