Febr 16, 2013


After resting, relaxing, and crafting for a couple months, the party traveled southeast of the capital. After a day of searching, they found a large tidal pool in the lake, and they could see Crackjaw swimming in it. Baron Anton negotiated with the creature, agreeing to pay 1,000gp per month for safe travel through the lake. Time will tell whether that was a good bargain, but it avoided a dangerous fight and further disruption to shipping. The only potential downside is that ships must fly Baron Anton’s insignia on their boats to avoid disruption. If matters later deteriorate, or the populous learns of the extortion/bribe, things could go sour.
The party traveled east from there, eventually finding a burial cave. Craig, our steadfast rogue, approached the burial mound opening and was assaulted by two bat swarms. Canicus Aurel, with Craig’s approval, Fireballed the bat swarms, killing them. Unfortunately, he targeted Craig, who was at the center, and hit him dead on. Craig had failed to evade the magic spell as intended. The party entered the burial mound, destroyed some skeletons, and was then attached by a Crypt Wright. Anton and Jared Duncan were brought low before the creature was destroyed, with the assistance of Dravik Stoneheart’s turning. The party found some decent loot, including a damaged Fey-bane bastard sword.
The party returned to the capital to rest. During that time, Baron Anton learned that some of his subjects had gone missing while visiting a neighboring town to the east. The party later traveled to an abandoned fort and a little town and ultimately to Varnhold. Varnhold was deserted. It appeared the population had simply left, as there were no obvious signs of struggle. Valuables had been left behind. The party found some books in the inn that belonged to a bard/loremaster, and a book in a house that belonged to a ranger. They indicated having found some sort of bracelet. They also mentioned _______, a cyclopean necromancer. Otherwise, the party identified some evil sprigs held up in the town fort, an evil raven/familiar, and evidence of a large crabman. The party has yet to engage any of these adversaries. The party also noticed the word Noman scratched onto the inn door. Noman is the name of a centaur tribe.



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