August 17, 2013


While exploring in the swamp lands to the west, the party received a sending message alerting them that refugees had been located. Per their prescribed plan of action, the party was to rendezvous with the ranger in the town of Sanctuary. Being several days out and with the harsh winter about to start, Annie teleported to Sanctuary. She and Canicus, who had stayed behind, conversed briefly with some notable followers of Iomedea who were passing through. Hospitalilty was extended. They found the ranger, Gustafson senior, who gave the report that a group of 25-50 refugees had been located to the southwest of the large lake to the west. The refugees had built some crude huts, but were otherwise sick and hungry. Annie, Canicus, and Gustafson senior stocked up on food supplies and cure disease potions, which were stored in various handy haversacks. Annie then teleported the trio back to the party’s campsite in the wilderness.
Gustafson senior oriented himself with the location while the party broke camp. He then led the party through the swamplands towards the direction of the refugees. The weather started getting rough, and visibility dropped. If not for the skill of Gustafson, the party would’ve been lost. The party would’ve been lost. Knowing that the refugees would be hard pressed to survive long, the party pressed on through the heavy snow, with all wearing boots of the winterlands to aid their travel. At night, they continued to bunk down in a tiny hut spell.
A couple days later, Gustafson senior spotted a trio of knucklebacks (evil fey creatures, nasty) a distance in front of the party, and shortly thereafter, Craig spotted some creatures behind the party. Luckily, the knucklebacks did not spot the party. They did, however, spot some smoke rising in the distance, which the party assumed was the refugees. The party decided to split in two. Dravik, Jared, Jessica, and Craig sped around to find the refugees, and the rest of the party was tasked with assaulting and delaying the knucklebacks. Having faced one knuckleback not too long ago, and knowing that they were aquatic creatures and not aerial ones, the party utilized their fly spells and took to the air. The party stayed out of range of the knucklebacks’ blast and used their height advantage to surprise their opponents. Annie hasted and buffed her allied combatants, Cannicus blasted the knucklebacks with magical fire, and Anora debilitated the opponents with black tentacles and confusion. Gustafson, Anton, and Grub used missle fire to otherwise pepper the knucklebacks. After several rounds three knucklebacks and a leader type lay dead, and the fifth escaped into the snowstorm. Grub needed healing afterwards, as he had ventured too low and got blasted. The party found a +2 headband of mental superiority, which was later given to Jessica.
Meanwhile, the rest of the party successfully entreated with the refugees. Food was distributed, the sick were cured, and the ensemble was packed up and on the move. After several days of travel, the entire group safely arrived back in Trollfall. The refugees were resettled in various communities within the duchy.
City building ensued, as overseen by Canicus. A variety of new buildings were built, mainly in the capital, nicely rounding out the services and selection available. Another assassination attempt was made. This time, Anora was the target. She survived. Several days were spent performing downtime activities, as the party prepared to investigate Candlemere.



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